The Parody of My Life

Why is that I can take photos of other peoples' children and get wonderful, touching, loving images with their children together, but when it comes to my own children it's like trying to pose a cat and a monkey together? Levi just wants to get away from his brother and CJ wants to make faces, stick out his tongue, and give me the thumbs-up. No matter how much I threaten or bribe them I always end up with the same results (see exhibit #1 below). Their cousin is just enjoying the entertainment of it all.Don't get me wrong. Shots like this definitely have their place in our own scrapbooks. We dream of the day they themselves are parents and they come to us complaining about our perfectly angelic grandchidren. We will pull out these types of photographs just to make sure they know the misery they put us through, and we will finally be able to remind them of those words we told them... "just wait until you are a parent."

Well, I'm not a grandparent yet and those little faces that may be angelic to a grandparent are just a reminder that I have no control over my own children. So, fruitlessly, I keep trying... and trying... and trying... ... and trying to get that perfect picture that I can look at and set on my desk at work that will depict that beautiful loving sibling relationship and my perfectly behaved children.

Want to hear any of my other unrealistic dreams? I have dozens! =o)

Had to come back and add the best one, and this is after I replaced CJ with himself from a different shot.


Judy said...

Trust me...these are the pictures you will cherish!!! Just seeing them being themselves is the BEST!
They are adorable!! Judy

Josi said...

Ahahah, these are great!! It's Ralphie, Opie, and Dennis the Menace. Bwahahahaahah!!!

Amber said...

LOL Josi! That really cracked me up!

Jenn (JMAC) said...

I love this pic. So cute!