Camping Pictures!

My family and I went camping this past weekend. We had a ton of fun. It was HOT HOT HOT, but we had a beautiful river to swim in and most of the time during Saturday and Sunday we were driving around on our 4-wheelers with the wind in our faces so stayed cool that way.

My batteries ran out in my camera on Saturday evening. =o( Bummer because I would have loved to take some pictures of camp cooking! We had huckleberry pancakes cooked on the griddle over the campfire on Sunday morning made from freshly-picked huckleberries. YUM-ME! We also had scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese, as well as bacon. There's just something about camp food.

Our camp was just to the left side in this picture. What a gorgeous heaven it was.
Okay... I know some people will be freaked out by this picture, but I think it is SO COOL!!! I came upon this little snake digesting his breakfast between these two rocks in the creek. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is in fact a fish! I had no idea snakes fished! Quite a mouth full. Hope it doesn't get a tummy ache later! =o) After searching online (gotta love the internet!) I found that this particular snake is called an Aquatic Garter Snake or Pacific Coast Aquatic Garter Snake.

This is my aunt with her dog, Teddy. He is her constant companion. He's practically glued to her leg. I stole my aunt away to pick huckleberries Sunday morning and my cousin said he sat out at the road for about an hour after we left. You can't see it in this picture, but he's licking his chops. He must like trout.
We took a 40 mile (round-trip) ATV ride to the top of the world! At least it seemed like it. What a beautiful view! This picture doesn't even come CLOSE to capturing the beauty.
We also stopped and walked through one of the old Milwaukee railroad tunnels. This is tunnel 29 I believe, and it is 966 feet long. It is slightly curved so when you get around the middle of it you can't see either end and it is completely black. It's the weirdest feeling. All you hear is the dripping of water around you. My husband actually walked into the wall! LOL They've turned part of the railroad into The Route of the Hiawatha mountain bike trail.
Just one of the fam from the top of the world. Don't know if you can tell, but my face is covered in dirt. Levi, Cala, and I were the 2nd ATV on the road and got to eat all Casey's dust. Lucky us. =o)
I love this shot. CJ is drinking a juice pouch there. They were looking for mountain goats. Didn't see any, darn it!
The End
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Josi said...

Awesome!! I'm so bummed I missed all the fun. I knew you'd have good pictures to take me there though.

Jenn (JMAC) said...

Your work amazes me. You are so talented! Looks like an awesome trip. We're doing our annual ATV/camp trip this week! pics to follow.