Class & Beauty Despite the Wind

This is one of the graduating class of 2008. The weather didn't cooperate like we wanted, but in some cases it really added to shots with her hair whipping around in the wind. We did get into some spots where the wind wasn't a factor and of course as soon as we went back to the studio the wind had died down a bit. There's old Murphy's Law again. Despite the weather though we got some great shots. She was super easy to work with and very relaxed. A real pleasure! Thank you "C" for being open and willing to work with me.


Anonymous said...

These pictures are absolutley beautiful. I loved Todds also he looked great. I think we are going to be very happy with the rest of the pictures. Can't wait for the family to see what you have done despite the wind. I loved those pictures when the wind is blowing. thanks Kellie

Janet said...

Gorgeous! The 2 of you could be a great modeling team!