Portraits for the Pups

Has it really been two weeks since I posted to my blog? Jeez! The days just seem to blend into each other this time of year. Not to mention me being super busy trying to get wedding pictures done for everyone. I need longer days! =o)

Anyway, had a really fun session with some fur kids last weekend. They were so good! High energy dogs, but the owner really did a great job of controlling them. They are all rescues. What a pack! Can you imagine four dogs at one time? They participate in flyball competitions all over the place, mostly in Canada, but other areas in the Northwest as well. I won't even share how many shots I took to get the couple family shots I got, but I did it and I think the owner will be happy.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to:

Acorn Huck
The Big Happy Family!


Karen said...

Oh my gosh - these guys are so cute. Great photos!

Josi said...

Wow!! Great shots Amber. I bet that was a challenge. Great looking dogs.