CJ's Birthday Saturday

As I posted previously, we told CJ he could choose one friend to take with him to TriplePlay in Hayden. What a fun place! They have a lot to do! He chose his friend T. They had a blast! We started with the rock climbing wall, then moved on to lazer tag, go carts, bumper boats, and Raptor Reef (the water park).
On the way home I asked them what their favorite part was and couldn't get anything more specific than "All of it!" So, they obviously had a great time. Levi, Casey, and I did too. Here's a small collage of the fun the two boys had.
They had a photo booth there that I wanted the boys to go into. Well, it was out of order so I just hopped in with them and had them do what they would have done anyway. In their own words of affection to eachother, what crazy little "knuckleheads!"

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Josi said...

Hahahah! You are so innovative. I love the broken photo booth pictures. I'm glad CJ had a good birthday.