Who gets the credit?

I really enjoy hearing about senior graduates' plans for their futures. I like to learn about their different activities and their families. I find out a lot of interesting information. For instance, "B" here is fortunate enough to have grown up with the guidance of two older sisters.

I am an oldest sister to three younger sisters and I'm sure they would say the same thing (you don't need to ask them, just trust me here). If they hadn't had me who knows where they'd be? Everyone should have an older sister! Right sisters? Oh wait... don't ask them. They are much too busy to answer. ;0)

Regardless of who is to be credited for the way this young man is turning out (I'll let the sisters fight over that one), he was a lot of fun to shoot. Here's a few shots while you ponder .

Maybe we'll just give all the credit to the dog!


Josi said...

If only I had watched and listened closer to you then I'd be sitting pretty. As it is, though you are an AWESOME big sister, I get to watch now and try to adjust! Your shots are so great and I love the commentary too.

Jana Kunz said...

"He was a lot of fun to shoot"? LOL. You don't want to be killing them. :D I think they turned out great, what a handsome young man.

Laura said...

These are great - I love that fun and funky wall!

mandy carroll said...

LOVE that first one- incredible work!