Four Jobs I Could Never Do

There are a few jobs that I just could never do. Most of them can be found at the fair.

1 - I could never sell cotton candy and candy apples from a tiny hot booth. For one, I'd weigh 500 pounds and two, I couldn't deal with that many people. I just couldn't. Besides that, I would feel like I needed to hand out toothbrushes with every order. 2 - I could never run a carnival ride. I would HATE loading and unloading kids all day long. Not to mention, when they are on that ride their little lives would be in my control. What if I hadn't checked every seat to make sure they were all strapped in? Or the equipment? Or maybe they were spinning too much. Or maybe they hated the ride, then hated me? Or, or, or. Of course my kids loved all the rides!

3 - I could also never be a game-runner (or whatever they are called). I would feel guilty. Most of the games are rigged and then people would spend $5-$10 and what would they get in return? Some $0.25 toy. I just couldn't handle it.
4 - Lastly, if you ever think you are having a bad day, or your kid(s) are acting up and you think you are going to have to be committed, imagine being a SOW!

A sow with SEVEN sucklings constantly jabbing and squealing, and sucking. Never being rid of seven little leaches. EVER!
Oh sure, they are cute, but don't you think that even the cutest little bundle would get tiring when it was following you around sucking you dry every five minutes.
Nope... I could never be a momma pig!


DSR said...

I LOVE county fairs! SO much fun! Great pics! (I used to sell cotton candy. You're right! You don't want to do it!)

Josi said...

Beautiful shots Amber! And I'm with you, I don't think I could ever work a carnival either. Number 1 reason being the fact that I think it is a prerequisite that you go days without showering.

Judy said...

What a fun post!!!! Your pictures are always!!! And, I agree with you about the jobs at the fair---YUK!! :0) Wasn't that mama pig so fun, and the piglets were adorable!!! They were Ryann's favorites!

TaraMc said...

What a great set of images. The piglets are so cute. Oink!

Jana Kunz said...

These look so fun! Makes me want to be there with you. :)