Chasing Flags

I love watching the younger kids' sports. Last night was my son's first flag football game. I get pretty shutter happy during these types of events. I really can't help myself! A 45 minute game can produce hundreds of photos. Yes, I know. Why do I do this to myself? My only explanation is, "Hello, *small wave* my name is Amber, and I'm a shutteraholic." So now that you know my deep dark secret, let's move on to the business of enabling. =o)

Here are some shots from last night's game. I must premise that my husband was roped into being an assistant. Truth be told, I was so happy he decided to do it. He loved coaching CJ's team last night, the boys really responded to him, and I loved watching him.
The first half of the game was spent figuring out what they were supposed to do now that they were playing against another team. They'd only had two practices before last night. So, there wasn't much progress until the 2nd half.

Since this is my blog and since my son is on the team and most of my 11,932 pictures are of him, I'm going to share the first run that actually resulted in a first down. What a proud moment. This is how it went.

The oh-so-hot-and-sexy assistant coach that I've been trading steamy glances with all evening calls the boys into the huddle and says, "CJ, which way are you going to run?" Through the wad of vinyl flag in his mouth CJ responds, with the utmost of confidence, "Uh... that way?" They approach the line, not wanting to reveal any indication of the play they are about to execute. As CJ steps into the receiving position the other team is thrown off because who would have ever guessed!? It's so... unexpected. At this point I could tell the other team was very worried.
After waiting anxiously and nervously for what seems like 10 minutes, they hike the ball! Yes! A successful hand-off.
He's off! His teammates are there to block and protect their one great hope.
He sees an opening! He's going to run around all of them! The plan is playing out in perfect execution.

See that kid on the left? If he doesn't block everyone on the other team, I'm blaming it all on him. LOL Oh come on! You know I'm kidding. That's right kid. You better block that guy.

Check out the smile on my son's face! Could he be any happier? We may need to work on a more intimidating expression. Would you be scared of that?
Maybe next year.Oh no! Watch out CJ, he's coming for you! He dives, arms outstretched, reaching for the elusive red flags. DENIED! Ha! CJ is too quick for you, you camo shorts and blue sneaker-wearing kid!

This is where my heart starts pumping faster and I start jumping up and down screaming "Go CJ!!! Keep running! Go! GO!! GOOOOO!!!" Which is also why my shots get a little blurry.
OH MY GOSH! It's a mob! They are all running after my son with torches and pitchforks! The little monsters! RUN CJ!! (notice, he's still got that smile on his face) Keep running! You are almost there.
YESSSS! First down!
Moments after this, that kid you see there on the left of the picture viciously pulled off CJ's flags. I'm sure somehow he cheated. Really! There's got to be some kind of rule against... too forceful of flag-pulling. Ref?

A few plays after this successful run the team scored a touchdown. Yay! It would be the only one, but at least they got to taste it. Some of them literally, since the grass was so wet and slick. Case and point:
CJ's there to save the day! He reaches with outstretched arms, grabbing for the flapping yellow flags. But...
Smooth-soled shoes and wet grass aren't a very good combination.

Unfortunately, the camo shorts and blue sneaker-wearing kid scored a touchdown. I'm certain he cheated. There's got to be a rule against swerving when faced by a kid in smooth-soled shoes and wet grass. Ref?!

Then there's the snap. Wish I were flexible enough to bend myself in half.I have so many more pictures. Believe it or not, I took it easy on you. I'll leave you with one more picture of the oh-so-hot-and-sexy assistant coach. Cuz it's his birthday, and well, it's my blog!


supermom said...

Awhh just look at him go!!! Good on you for taking so many pictures :) You do have a sexy hubby (lol did I just say so!?)

Josi said...

Bwahahaha! I loved the pictures and I'm so excited CJ is playing football. Your narratives are so funny too.

Wendy said...

Hey now - that kid on the left is Hayden - watch it! LOL! :-) I'm sure he didn't block anyone and CJ just went around. :-) Great to finally meet you last night. Let's gear up for round 3 tomorrow! See you then!

Anna-Karin said...

You did capture some great action in these images.

Judy said...

Wow, Amber...another great "story" using fabulous photos!!! You will have to do a scrapbook just for flag football!!!! :0)

Wendy said...

Is it bad that I'm not really wanting to go to the 7:00 game on Tuesday? LOL!

Wendy said...
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Jana said...

That looks like so much fun. My son's can't wait to play (3rd grade in our town).