While My Back Was Turned

I was clearing off my memory cards yesterday and came across some pictures I didn't take. This phenomenon tends to happen when I ask family members to hold my camera for me. I usually love it, unless of course it's a picture of me. Then... not so much. These pictures, however, are not of me so I love them! Obviously, they've been edited. My camera doesn't take pictures in BW, and I'm obsessed with cropping photos. Hardly ever do I leave a photo uncropped and unedited, even if it's just a boost in the color and contrast. I just can't help myself. Maybe I should make that a New Year's Resolution. Nah!

The old guy is my dad. Just kidding Dad! You aren't old.



My camera cannot take credit for this picture. My mom sent it to me yesterday. I like the color.



Judy said...

I think you have another photographer in the family--whoever it is!!! :0) Great pictures!! Hey, I got the "Missing Manual" for Photoshop, so I have some serious "studying" to do!!! :0)

Josi said...

I LOVE the pics of Levi and Dad. How fun!