Levi turned three today. I can't believe it. We celebrated his birthday yesterday at the thrilling and very very crowded Chuck E. Cheese in Spokane yesterday. I have never seen so many crazy unsupervised children in my life. The boys had a blast though!

First it was the ball rolly thingymabobs. Levi had a hard time rolling them hard enough to make it to the circles. Occasionally he would get frustrated and crawl up the ramp and drop the ball into the hole. Gotta give the kid credit for getting the job done.
He had no problem figuring out how to put the "penny" into the slot. Check out the tickets people! Remember the tickets? It ONLY took 40 tickets to get a mini-sized package of pop-rocks. What a bargain!
The Lil' Hoops was, by far, Levi's favorite game to play. It was excruciating for him to have to wait in line. He "helped" one little boy move the line along by shoving him in the back when it was the little boy's turn. I guess he just wasn't moving fast enough. I've gotta teach my kid some manners!

We had some pizza and then pulled out the football cake. Obviously, Levi thought it was the coolest cake ever! Just check out that expression.
I don't know what we'll do tonight other than make his favorite dinner. I'll let you know what it is. I'm betting on some Dino Nuggets. Yummmmm...


Josi said...

Haha, what a great time! Your Chuck E. Cheese looks a lot cleaner than mine, or is that some fancy photoshop work? :-P Glad he had fun. He's 3 already? Really?!!? Too fast.

Shawna said...

Happy Birthday Levi!

* The Mom said...


Can you believe our little ones are 3 already? Wow! We miss you over at JM. Looks like you're really, really busy, but if you could stop in and say HOWDY we'd love to hear from you!! :)


p.s.~ Your pictures are GORGEOUS!!! As always!! :)