We spent Easter weekend at my parents' house in Oregon. We had a blast just like we always do when we visit my parents. Here's a few pictures from the weekend.

Egg decorating always comes first.

For some reason, all of Levi's eggs came out green. Six colors and they still turned out green. Anyone have an explanation for this phenomenon? Even his fingers turned green. I am glad to report that after three days they returned to their chubby pink little selves.

After the boys got done with their eggs the big kids (meaning my mom, sister, and I) got to work on our cake pops. If you have never made cake pops or really have never even heard of them, check out Bakerella. She invented these sweet little morsels and they are SO FUN to make!

Easter morning, of course, was the big egg hunt. Do you remember being a kid? Waking up at the crack of dawn before everyone else and dressing yourself in a plaid shirt and plaid shorts that don't match? Not having a care in the world what your hair looks like? Just waiting for someone (someone meaning your parents) to wake up so you can go out and find your beautifully decorated eggs that the Easter Bunny has strategically hidden? Oh, the thrill of it all!
What I wouldn't give to go running around the yard just like this again. No one wants to see that though. Trust me. Especially with morning hair and a plaid shirt and plaid shorts that don't match. I cringe just imagining the horrid sight. Somehow though, it's adorable on my boy.
Dude, what's with the tongue?
Getting warmer. Oooo you're smokin' hot! Ha ha ha I hope you all had a wonderful Easter like we did.


Josi said...

What are you talking about? CJ looks like he matches to me....teehee, how fun! I'm sorry we missed it this year. Love the cake pops. Those are awesome.

Jana Kunz said...

I love the green fingers. :)