The Spring Itch

Around this time of year I always get antsy. Redecorating is usually what happens. It's pretty bad right now. I hate to admit it, but I get kind of impulsive, especially with all the clearance sales going on. But, I did get a GREAT deal on this set which make me so happy! The round platter is HUGE! It's about 20" in diameter.

Ahhh... our guest bedroom. I LOVE white bedding. LOVE it! I also love white furniture. The problem is, I have two young boys and a mechanic for a husband. White and these three things don't really get along. BUT, I can put it in the guest bedroom. No one really spends much time in there. Oh, and see that painting? That's a new purchase. I HAD to have it! This picture doesn't do it justice.
I haven't done much with the livingroom except move things around. If you have any suggestions for me I would love that. Should I arrange it differently, should I get new throw pillows? I'm thinking something lighter, and maybe in a more burlappy texture.
My biggest problem is the devices on top of the mantel. I hate them! I really need ideas on hiding them or... something. Thoughts anyone?

I know you don't really care about this stuff, but if you made it this far I thank you and if you take the time to comment with suggestions... well, I probably owe you a coffee or something.

Thank you for putting up with me!


Judy said...

I LOVE your house....and, I know what you mean about decorating, you just have to "re-do" every once in a while, it's a girl thing!! :0) I have the "itch" too, and it always involves Jim---poor guy!! He is currently painting the laundry room as we speak! :0) He is being a great sport, though, and I think he really likes the make-over, too!! Ohhhh, and I think your white guest room is can just look in there and be happy and you don't have to worry about your 3 boys getting it dirty!! :0)

Josi said...

I love your house!

Jana Kunz said...

I am in the same mode right now. Itching to move stuff around!

Wendy said...

LOVE the redecorating! I say new throw pillows, lighter color, you'll feel "refreshed!" LOL! I'm just like you, ready to repaint and re do!!!!