Not The Ocean, But Not Bad

One of the things I wish most about where we live is that we were close to the ocean. I always dream of the beautiful clean beach pictures with the blue water and smooth white sand, the white-edged waves that stretch to the horizon, and the beautiful flawless sunsets. The closest sand beaches we have around here are along the Snake river. The water is more of a murky black/green and the sand is rough, big, and clumpy with lots of weeds and rocks. Despite these less-than-ideal curcumstances I was still able to get some pictures I liked during a day at Central Ferry with some friends of ours. Thanks for inviting us Tara. We had a great time!


Josi said...

I'm so so so excited about this Amber!!! And the pictures are so great!!!

Tisha said...

I feel for you...I was 13 before I ever made it to see the ocean! Now I am lucky enough to see it alot and would so miss it if I moved..but you did an amazing job with these shots! I love them :-)

Judy said...

You don't need the ocean, Amber, these pictures are fabulous!!!!!
I'm loving your blog---it's so fun getting to see your new pictures!!