Shawna's Sneak Peek

I don't usually use first names, but I can't really not use first names when I'm wanting to share Shawna's Blog with everyone. She is a super writer and provides much entertainment with her blog entries based on the events in her life.

I had the pleasure of taking her family portraits Tuesday night. Her kids are great! What fun and spunky personalities. I can see their parents have rubbed off on them. =o) Plus, these kids are SO photogenic and have the most beautiful eyes!

So, Shawna, here's your sneak peek.


Karen said...

OMG!!! I love these. Can't wait to see the rest. Amber you are such an amazing photographer. I know Shawna has been so excited to do this photo shoot!!!

Shawna said...

I am gonna be in big spending trouble! Thank you so much for a wonderful time and for such beautiful photos, can't wait to show T.H.


jeremy said...

Amber, I love the pictures! The kids look great, and I think your really captured Shawna and I in a perfect moment. Shawna was so excited, she called me the very moment I got in the door! (It's great to have some pictures of my beautiful bride. She's usually the one behind the camera.)

Thank you immensely,
Jeremy (aka T.H.)

Judy said...

WOW....WOW...WOW...and double WOW, Amber has once again outdone herself with amazing photos capturing an amazing family....and, you're right, Shawna, how will you ever decide if these are any indication of how incredible the whole shoot is??!!
GREAT job, Amber!!!!