Annual Flippin' N Tippin' Party

As some of you know, I am part norwegian. I grew up eating lefse (a norwegian flat bread made out of potatoes) every year during the holidays. This is the only time my grandma made it. She'd make a ton of it and mail it to us and we would have it for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. I had watched her make it a few times over the years but wasn't that interested in doing it myself until about five years ago.

My grandma gave each of us a lefse grill over the past few years and we have now had a lefse making party the last two years. Last year it was my my sister and me and Grandma. This year there were six of us! I wish my other sister could have been there, but she lives in Alaska so it's not really a quick trip for her.

We had so much fun! About 1/4 of the way through we opened a few bottles of wine and we've dubbed this party the Flippin' N' Tippin' Lefse Party. The lefse turned out wonderful and we all had a super time! Thanks for hosting Grandma (aka "The Lefse Nazi" on account of her "suggestions"). So so fun!

Here's the Lefse Nazi at work. It's very serious work and requires heavy concentration.

Okay people! This is no easy feat! Check out that ROUND lefse! Way to go La La! Trust me, lefse this round is very rare. We considered framing it.

Check it out. The start of the next generation of lefse flippers. CJ did so good. He was really getting into it. Check out the flour on his face.

And a shot of all of us gals taken by my son. Look at all that lefse! Woohoo!


Josi said...

Nice!!! We did make a lot of lefse. I'm surprised you didn't put the picture of La La tipping the whole bottle.
Thanks for such a great time. I can't wait for next year.

Karen said...

I love lefse! Dave's Grandma makes it and send us some each Christmas!

Jacque said...

I laughed and cried when I saw all the pictures and the blog. Thanks for mentioning me sis. I'll make it one of these days I promise!!