Winter Wonderland Retreat

Isn't this lodge great?! The people who own it are so wonderful and gracious. The lodge is very cozy and the food was wonderful!

This is where the scrapbooking retreat this weekend was held at - the Palouse Divide Lodge. The retreat was sponsored by Paper Pals, my very favorite scrapbook supply and event store. It was such a beautiful location! We arrived Friday evening and set up shop right next to the HUGE window at the end of the room overlooking a breathtaking view. It started snowing mid-morning on Saturday and didn't stop until Sunday morning. The big white flakes falling all around us while we were in the cozy lodge was magical and added to the winter wonderland experience. I took this picture from where I was sitting all weekend long.

Here is the result of Shawna and I taking one of those oh-so-fun "picture of you taking a picture of me" pictures. That girl is such a riot! We swapped pictures for a layout swap and she made the most beautiful page for me. I'll have to take a picture of it and post it.

This is the road on the way out of the lodge Sunday afternoon. Luckily the weather cleared after all that snow. It was nice to see the blue sky for the drive home.


Karen said...

I love these photos! I had so much fun, so glad you came!!!

Heidilynn said...

Your pictures are spectacular! I was just showing my husband since my pictures didn't turn out so well :)
What a fun weekend! I will check back to see if you post more pictures.
Thanks again for driving!!!

Shawna said...

Great shots of course!!! So glad you came, I had a great time...I will send you some of the pics I took of you! I got a couple of really good ones!

Tabitha said...

Hey AMber, good to hear from you. Yes, we have another little one on the way go figure, i go back to work full time and Boom, preggo. WE may try again after this. We miss pitter pattering feet. you photos look awesome I will have to add you to my blog


Anne Magee said...

Hey there, Amber!!! Good to hear from you!!! Those pics are wonderful... looks like where I would imagine Santa would live! Just beautiful!!! Glad to see some of your photography!!