Down... Down... Down...The Snow Keeps Falling

Welcome to the world of never-ending snow! We've had snow fall for nearly a week straight now and we are supposed to keep getting snow for the next five days. Don't get me wrong, I like the snow, but with snow comes icy roads, closed schools, shoveling and plowing, wet feet and pants, cabin fever, power outages, wreckless drivers, and more. On the flip side, you get beautiful snow-covered trees, sledding, beautiful photos (which I haven't had the chance to take yet), snowmen, snow angels, and snowball fights. It can also make an ordinary cup of hot cocoa become a delightful treat.
Some places in our yard are 4 ft. deep with snow because of the drifts. In the flat areas it's about 29". Here are a few fun pictures to share.

This is our back deck from the diningroom.
I took this yesterday morning. We got quite a bit more during the day.
View from our back deck.
Check out those snow burms where my husband has been plowing all the snow to. You can image how much higher they are after last night's snow plowing session.
Just some pretty icecicles. One of the pretty sights of cold weather.


Stephanie said...

OMG! You can send a little bit of that my way! I just posted a bunch of pictures I took yesterday and it certainly doesn't look like your weather! lol

Josi said...

Yeah!!! Icicles. I LOVE icicles. Hopefully the roads aren't too bad.

London Tierney said...

And where, may i ask, are your lovely pages? I am so emotionally over this snow...for reals!