Miscellaneous Stuff

I don't have too much new stuff to share right now so I thought I'd share some old stuff from my collection of scenic/nature images. I definitely have a lot to learn about scenery photography. All except the Seattle skyline picture were taken fairly locally.

Seattle skyline as seen from Seahawks Stadim

Sunset from a spot on 4-mile road past Viola, ID

Just a butterfly enjoying a summer day by the river

In the Breakfast Creek area Southeast of Elk River, Idaho

Wild flowers in our backyard a couple years ago


Josi said...

Those are great!! Where are the hummingbirds though? I thought for sure you'd put those in there.

Judy said...

LOVE these pictures...makes me sooooo anxious for "green stuff"...NO more white stuff!!! :0)

Tabitha said...

beautiful amber!