Yellow Belts!

It was a big night out our house last night. My husband and son both tested for their yellow belts. They passed and CJ is now a Tiny Tiger Yellow Belt. I think that's such a cute title. My husband is an adult yellow belt. They were easy on the 5-year-old, but hubby had to really work hard to get his.

Here's CJ flashing his certificate for the camera.

Recieving his belt from the instructor.

My husband doing his kada.

My husband receiving his yellow belt from the instructor.

And a studio shot.

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supermom said...

Congratulations to your boys! I love the shot of CJ with his old belt between his feet. SO cute

Karen said...

Good job guys!

Tiffani said...

Those are wonderful photos! That's so awesome that they do that! Woohoo for them!

Josi said...

Woohoo!! Congrats guys! So cool. Love the photos.