Dresses, Flowers, and Girl Power!

Everyone knows that my house is full of testosterone. It's three boys and me so you can imagine how happy I was to have a little help of the female origin this past weekend. I was blessed with the company of an adorable 21-month-old girlie companion. My cousin dropped off her little girl for me to babysit overnight. What a sweet sweet cutie she is! So smiley and fun. I was lovin it! She wouldn't let me put any barrettes or ponytails in her hair, but I didn't really care because just having a little toddler that actually wears dresses and pretty sandals and a flower in her hair was enough for me! It sure made my ovaries stir, but alas, hubby and I are done having children. I'll just keep borrowing my relatives' little girls. I'd hate to find out what damage could be caused if I get too desperate. It would most-likely involve my boys, a dress, and some bows. Shhh... don't tell the boys I said that!
Now can't you just see this cute face surrounded by frills, flowers, and bows? Yeah... me either.


Josi said...

Bwahaahaha! I could totally see Levi all gussied up. Hahahaaaa!! Lillian is just gorgeous. She looks so much like Tiff, it's crazy.

Josi said...

Did I tell you the other day Riane saw a picture of Levi and got all sad and said "I didn't even get to see him when he was a baby." yep, he's growing up!