June Newborns!!!

Evidentally, June was a good month to have a baby because two of my customers had theirs. Lucky lucky me! I love everything about newborns. The way they coo, smell, curl, even when they cry it's cute. Of course I can say that because I don't have to hear it at 2:00am every night. It's easy to forget how tiring that can be after you have kids that rarely do that anymore.

I'll enjoy the couple hours I get to spend with others' newborn nuggets making them look angelic and oh so sweet.

Without further ado, here are two little newborn nibbles for you.

Introducing our first little cutie. Mr. "I" was fun and really kept gave me a run for my money. He wanted to do everything on his terms. He couldn't hold out forever though and I got some nice shots of him. I love working with his parents. They are such sweet people and I just know they are going to be amazing parents. Little "I" is a lucky guy. Not to mention, those very cute "kissy" lips he's got going. I love when they do that! SO cute! I did his mom's maternity pictures a few months ago. She also signed up for my Little Miracle, First Year Plan so I'll be seeing more of him in the next year. I can't wait!

Next up is this cute little angel. "P" was a perfect subject. She was awake for awhile and then fell asleep. She was a pretty good curler too. So so so sweet! I was very impressed with dad's swaddling skills! Not everyone knows how to do that well! She's another lucky little baby with parents that absolutely adore her! Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful session. I hope to have the opportunity to take her portraits again when she gets bigger.


Josi said...

Oh my goodness. What beautiful little children. Little "I" has such bright eyes and Miss "P" is just the prettiest little gal. You are so lucky. I want to play with newborns!

Karen said...

Amber these photos just give me goosebumps! These shots are just amazing.

Judy said...

BEAUTIFUL BABIES, and amazing pictures as always!!!! Fabulous job, Amber----the parents will treasure the way you captured their newborns forever!!!