1st Day of School

Well, today was the day! Yes, children of all ages in the Palouse area had their brand new school outfits laid out on their dressers, special care was taken making sure every hair was properly combed and placed on their little heads, and bags were packed with shiny new school supplies. Just like my son here, kids were humoring their parents while they posed for the dreaded first-day-of-school photos.

Here's my little guy with his "oh so cool" spikey hair, cause he wanted it "just like his friend." Oh, and that other kid in desperate need of a haircut? The poor younger brother who doesn't know yet that today is just another regular, mundane, boring day for him. Nothing new. Nothing exciting. Later, when he realizes this, we have a small tantrum to deal with. Some more posing. Believe it or not, he actually enjoys it. I promise!
He's too cool for a goofy smile now.
Okay, enough of this posing nonsense! Time to go Mom!
I don't know what he was saying here. I just thought it was a cute picture. His little face is filled with all kinds of anticipation, dontcha think?
We're almost there! I can SMELL the entrance. Check out the backpack. It's twice the size as he is and needs a lot of adjusting. The coolest part is the lunchbag. It snaps onto the backpack. I have high hopes that he won't leave it at school. I know. It may be naive of me.
All together now... Awwwwwwwwww...
Get used to it kid. I plan on taking this picture for five more years at this school! =o)
FINALLY! We've entered the classroom. I'm sure he thought he would never escape the camera torment.
Is the name right? Well, good enough for the first day anyway.
Okay kid. One last shot, then I'll be done. I promise! C'mon, humor your mother!

There's my boy! Settled in and ready to fill that little head of his with new facts and ideas and creativity. The promise of a new school year with immeasurable adventures ahead; his little brain ready for the learning to commence.
The thing you DON'T get to see is me after I walk out of the classroom and tears well up... because I'm sappy that way. I mean, how often does your little boy start 1st grade? I'm sure it'll be better next year. Maybe.


Josi said...

Oh my gosh Amber, I wanted to tear up with you just looking at these pictures. You think you can come down here when Kells has his first day of school? It's still a few years off so plenty of time to plan that one k? ;)
I hope C has an amazing year at school and learns all sorts of new things.
Love you!

Judy said...

Amber...I taught kindergarten for 17 years and I saw so many tears on the first day of school---mostly from Mommys!!! :0) He looks just adorable and so ready for school...they all grow up, and let me tell you from experience---it is WAY too fast!!!! Cherish every single moment!!!

Sarah said...

First grade felt so different from Kindergarten. They finally made it to the big leagues with that one step. I kept pulling Cirel in for hug after hug and she had to listen to me call her "Mommy's big girl" about a hundred times. *snif*

The pictures are ADORABLE.

Karen said...

He looks so darn cute! I'm sure you were the proudest Mom there!!

froggerjo said...

Awww Amber! He is so cute....... I remember having to hold back the tears and put on a brave smile as they walked away.....

I was told I am not allowed to bring the camera for Colton's first day of 7th grade. Oh man!

Joni Streit Photography said...

So sweet. It is hard to let them go, isn't it? I'm so happy you have those memories captured though... even if it was through your tears. :)

supermom said...

Such beautiful photos. He looks so excited and totally FINE with 1st grade. good for him :)