Summertime Images

I love the beauty of summertime. The colors, the warmth, the animals, the celebrations. They all happen in the summertime. Now that's not saying I don't like the other seasons as well. All seasons have their beaty. Today though, I'm talking about summertime.

Here are a few images I caught off the side of the road near Tensed, Idaho. The first one we were actually driving down the road. The 2nd I pulled over on my way home.

Here's a shot I took the other day walking home from picking CJ up at school. It cracks me up how the turtles are layered on top of eachother. I'd hate to be on the bottom of the pile.

These shots were from the fireworks show in St. Maries over the weekend. They celebrate Paul Bunyan Days and their fireworks show is the BEST in our area. It always astounds me how a small town in Idaho can put on something so spectacular! Paul Bunyan Days is always held on Labor Day weekend so if you missed it this year put it on your calendar for next year. You won't be sorry!


Jana Kunz said...

These are beautiful! Honestly, I never got around to doing any nice scenic images this year. :(

Josi said...

that second shot with the silo is breathtaking. I love the turtles and ducks too. So great. I've only seen one Paul Bunyon fireworks show but you are so right, it is amazing!

supermom said...

Great photos :) Those fireworks ones are amazing

Jeni said...

wow that second shot is amazing, just beautiful!