It's Officially a Tradition

I realize it's been awhile since I blogged. My apologies to you faithful few. However, this time of year is the busiest for me so you'll have to bare with me. Things will get back on track after the holidays. I will also be making an announcement in the next few weeks about Memory Catcher Photography so stay tuned.

Enough with all this. On to the main event.
We've made lefse with my Grandma Nona for three years now. The first year it was just my youngest sister and me at my house so I'm not sure I can count that year or not. The last two years we've done it at my Grandma's house with all the girls. Well, almost all the girls since my other sister lives in Alaska and hasn't been able to make it yet. We girls always have so much fun! Oh, and I guess I shouldn't just say "we girls" anymore since we do have three little lefse makers who are of the male gender. I'm not sure at what age the cackling gets to be too much for the opposite sex, but I'll be sure and let you know.

On to the pictures!

Don't let this smile fool you. Yes she may seem like my harmless grandma, but this here is the lefse nazi! Boy oh boy does she keep us all straight with our lefse dos and don'ts. She's obviously not afraid to dive right in; see flour on nose and lefse dough on glasses.
Check this kid out. I think he's officially a lefse prodigy. He seriously knows what he's doing! I'm so proud.
Check out that oh-so-thin sheet of lefse. Careful! It's delicate.

Oh yeah baby! He made it all the way to the grill. Standing diligently ready to flip it at just the right moment. Why do I love the flour so much?
Here's my other little lefse-making giblet. Thank goodness for grandmas. That grill is 500°F. Caliente! (no, I don't know much spanish, but I love saying that word. Try it! Go ahead. Try it! See? Can you blame me?)
Oh sweet sweet lefse how I love thee! Let me count the ways.
Wanna try and count them all? Okay, I'll save you a couple hours and just tell you that we made a record 183 pieces of lefse! 183!!!! Can you believe that? Wow! Yes, I know. We are amazing. And I am soooo blessed!


Karen said...

How fun! My hubby is drooling over all that Lefse! He is 1/4 Norwegian and grew up on it.

What a wonderful tradition!

Wendy said...

Ok, first of all, you can't leave me hangin' about Memory Catchers... and 2nd of all, thanks for updating! :-) LOVE these pictures! Good times and great memories! Happy Thanksgiving!

Judy said...

Whoa, now that is a LOT of lefse!!! You "lefse makers" don't fool around, it's serious!!! :0) So, do you think when your husband wants to take the boys out in the woods with him they will say "No, Dad, we want to stay home and make lefse with Mom!!! :0)
Happy Thanksgiving to my very favorite photographer, AND friend!!

Judy said...
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Wendy said...

Awwwww....don't take this the wrong way Amber, but this post made me want to cry! What a beautiful family! And that picture of your gran with dough on her glasses is adorable--it made me miss my gran a lot...think your gran would adopt me?