A Glimpse

When's the last time you looked at old family photos? By old, I don't mean photos from when you were a kid and made a superhero outfit out of your grandma's undergarments. Who thought to take a picture of that anyway? No, I mean really old photos like from when your grandparents or great-grandparents were young. I'm talking young, like before their children started stealing away their youth type of young. You know what I'm talking about, right?

I had to take a break from work last night because I swiped my grandma's old photo albums for the week and promised her I'd return them this weekend. I wanted to get them scanned into the computer. I love technology!

My favorite photos were of my grandma when she was a teenager. All we ever know of our grandparents' life is when they are old so it's nice to be reminded that they actually lived a life without us once, and even a life without our parents once!

I can't wait to ask my grandma the stories that go along with some of these old photos. I'm just sharing a few of my favorites of her this time, but I have more... a lot more.

I wonder if Grandma hated her glasses, or did they call them spectacles back then? I'll have to ask her. I love these old hand-tinted photos.

Where was this taken and what was she thinking about? I think this one's my favorite.
What was she doing here? I'm glad I will be able to ask her this weekend so it doesn't keep me up at night.
Goofing off on the job I see! Or maybe just relaxing after the job was done. I do know from notes on the series of pictures this came from that she was helping her Grandpa harvest the field.
I love this picture. I want to know the story about this car. I saw it in another photo from one of her sister's weddings (or at least I think I did). I think this was taken on my grandma's wedding day. I can't wait to ask!


Josi said...

Oh my goodness! I've NEVER seen any of those pictures of Grandma. I can't wait to hear her stories this weekend too. She looks like such a fun loving rebel.

Judy said...

GREAT photos, Amber!!! I scanned all those photos from our parents and grandparents so that I could make a book for the kids for Christmas....Oops, Christmas is fast approaching, I think it will be a 2009 gift!! :0)

Jana Kunz said...

I LOVE going through my parent's old photo albums. So fun to look at how their lives were back then.

Karen said...

These are such great photos. Your Grandma looks like she was and is a really fun lady!