Sometimes It's Like an Aerobics Session

Sometimes I have sessions that are more exercise than I would get if I were in an aerobics class. Seriously! The toddlers are the worse. I say this with a smile because although they are a lot of work, they are so much fun. I really don't mind chasing them around for two hours attempting to get the perfect shot. Most of the time I am successful, thank goodness!

This little guy was a tough cookie. He was one of the most active toddlers I've photographed, but you can't help but forgive him. I mean look at him! He's adorable!

Sometimes the older kids can be difficult too, but all you have to do is threaten them and they shape up... most of the time. "Zippy's" older sister was a bit more cooperative.

In the end, it's moments like this that capture my heart.


Josi said...

Those are so great Amber.

Jana Kunz said...

I know that feeling but these turned out great!

mandy carroll said...

LOL- I hear ya! Toddlers are TOUGH! These are fantastic shots, though!